What is Astronutz?

AstroNutz is a leadership development program based on the excitement of space/aerospace exploration and astronaut training to inspire youths to pursue careers in the space engineering, science and technology fields.

H.E.A.R.T. of an Astronaut

All classes and activities are based on our H.E.A.R.T. of an Astronaut learning modules. These modules are designed to teach your child essential skills, preparing and giving them what they need to ensure a bright career pathway for their future.

Our Learning Modules

Our learning modules are created and based on space exploration themes. This allows us to present the educational materials in a fun and engaging method, encouraging your child to learn and absorb knowledge while having fun doing it.


 Becoming an Astronaut

Discover your passion, drive, and motivation, through the wonders of space exploration.


Our Universe

Learn about the solar system, constellations and navigation and the wonders of our galaxy.


Physical Training

Learn all about how nutrition affects space travel and go through basic astronaut fitness training.


Space Transportation

Discover how we launch rockets to space. Learn about the forces and physics spaceflight.


Life in Space

Experience working in teams and taking up leadership roles, improving social and communication skills.


Scientific Research

Learn how space exploration benefits and progresses science and technology on Earth.


Survival Skills

Learn how to solve a series of problems through logical thinking and resourcefulness.


Astronaut Community

Reflection of previous modules and interaction with a space industry professional IRL.

A Better Way to Learn

Traditional learning comprises of listening, reading and memorization. Studies have shown that with the addition of external stimulus during the learning process, there is a drastic change of knowledge retention rate. 

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Trainer Profile

Syukran Idris

Mission Commander “Chief” Syukran Idris served in PETRONAS for 10 years, and currently a consultant to the Malaysian aerospace industry.

He was panel speaker for the National Youth Convention 2017 on the topic “Journey towards a Space Nation” together with the first Malaysian astronaut and a former NASA scientist.

He recently went for a research trip to NASA facilities across North America, the European Space Agency and the UK Space Center to bring your kids only the best and latest space education content!

During debriefing and graduation, we will also be inviting a space and aerospace industry professional In Real Life (IRL) to further inspire our space cadets!

During debriefing and graduation, we will also be inviting a space and aerospace industry professional In Real Life (IRL) to further inspire our space cadets!

Who is the Camp for?

We cater to two different age groups :

6 – 8

9 – 12

What is included?

All cadets will receive :

A unique mission patch
A completion certificate
Astronutz T-shirt (Optional)

Experience AstroNutz

Are you interested in providing an unique educational experience for young learners age 8 – 12?

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a custom designed learning programme catered to your specifications and needs.

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